long term disability attorneyThe short-term and long-term disability claims process is full of confusing traps. Many working people rely on short-term and long-term disability insurance to be there for them if they get sick or are injured and cannot work. When people try to make claims, claims are denied or delayed. Benefits are often terminated after a short period of time for questionable reasons. An attorney can help you navigate this confusing process and make your best case for benefits as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The sooner you engage an attorney, the better off you will be. Many contested disability insurance claims can be resolved within the insurance company’s administrative appeals process if the right arguments are made and the right documents are submitted. If we must bring your case to court, the record is usually limited to the information the insurance company had on the administrative appeal.

David has handled cases in which benefits were denied from the inception of the claim, cases in which benefits were discontinued after several years, and cases in which benefits are paused for questionable reasons. David is happy to travel to handle disability cases in under-served parts of Louisiana.

Most long-term disability cases are handled on a contingent fee basis, so for most people, no attorney's fees are owed up front. Under the firm’s contract, if benefits can be recovered without filing a lawsuit during the insurance company’s appeal process, a fee is taken off back benefits until the claimant is current. This is different than some national disability law firms, who take a portion of your past and future benefits no matter when or how benefits are recovered. It is important to David that his fees correspond to the amount of work he does and that his clients are treated fairly.

For some higher-earning individuals, it can make sense to pay an attorney by the hour to handle your long-term disability claim, and David is willing to consider hourly fee arrangements as well.