maritime injury law Metairie

With the strength of the energy, maritime, and seafood industries in Louisiana, the state has a tremendous number of workers who work on or near the water. These jobs are well-paying, but they are some of the most dangerous jobs in the national economy. Because, these jobs are so dangerous, Congress has passed special laws protecting maritime workers in case they are injured, and broad categories of damages are available in some of these cases that are unavailable in traditional worker’s compensation cases. It takes an attorney with experience in this area to determine what laws apply to an injured worker’s injury and what avenues of recovery are available.

Attorney David C. Pellegrin has extensive experience in maritime law and is familiar with the twists and turns a maritime injury case can take. Maritime employees who are injured on the water may be entitled to damages for past and future loss of income, general damages for past and future pain and suffering, funds for past and future medical care, and loss of fringe benefits.

It is important for an injured maritime worker to visit with an attorney as soon as possible after he or she is injured. Even if your company is taking care of you for the moment, an attorney can inform you of your long-term rights and make sure you do not make any mistakes that could harm your chances of future recovery. Maritime injuries can reduce your earning capacity for the rest of your life. It is essential to look toward the future and make sure your employer and its insurer provide you with what the law requires. Your employer pays insurance companies to cover all your damages if you are injured. Most of the time, it requires an attorney to make the insurer pay all they are required to.