Louisiana Long-Term Disability Lawyer

Long-term disability insurance is often offered as part of an employee benefit package. Some people purchase long-term disability coverage directly from insurance companies or through an insurance broker. Long-term disability policies sponsored by a private employer are governed by a federal law called the Employee Retirment Income Security Act (“ERISA”). If a policy issued in Louisiana is purchased by an individual or sponsored by a public employer like a school board, hospital district, or other government entity, it will be governed by Louisiana law.

People rely on long-term disability insurance if they cannot work. It is an important part of planning for the future. Unfortunately, people sometimes run into disputes with long-term disability insurers, either regarding the benefits available under the policy or whether a disability is covered by the policy at all. An attorney can help sort through the issues in any dispute with a long-term disability insurer. The Pellegrin Firm assist clients with administrative appeals of long-term disability denials under ERISA as well lawsuits. The Pellegrin Firm has represented long-term disability claimants in all three federal district courts in Louisiana and in multiple state courts in parishes across the state.

The Pellegrin Firm is a law firm in Metairie, Louisiana, that represents beneficiaries in ERISA long-term disability appeals and lawsuits. The Pellegrin Firm represents people throughout the New Orleans area and throughout the State of Louisiana. The Pellegrin Firm can be reached at 504-405-3245 or via email at info@pellegrinfirm.com.