Wrongful Death Lawyer in Metairie, Louisiana

If a loved one dies due to the negligence of another person, company, or organization in Louisiana, it is important to quickly contact a qualified personal injury and wrongful death attorney. Louisiana has strict deadlines for the filing of legal actions (generally one year from the date of the death), and it can often take a significant amount of time for an attorney to determine the at-fault parties, find out if there is adequate insurance coverage, and to marshal evidence to file a viable lawsuit.

Louisiana has a specific list of people who may recover when a person dies. If the deceased leaves a spouse and/or children, these are the parties who are able to recover. This makes sense, as these are the parties most likely to be dependent on the income  of the deceased and thus harmed by the death. If the deceased has no spouse or children, parents may recover for a wrongful death. If the deceased has no spouse, children, or parents, the siblings of the deceased may recover.

Louisiana allows for the recovery of both wrongful death and survival damages. Wrongful death damages are damages suffered by the survivor or survivors due to the death of the deceased. These include funeral costs, loss of support, loss of consortium, and in the case of children, loss of guidance. Survival damages are the damages suffered by the deceased before his or her death. These include pre-death pain and suffering and conscious fear of death. Survival damages may not be available in all cases

The Pellegrin Firm is a law firm in Metairie, Louisiana that represents survivors in wrongful death suits. The Pellegrin Firm represents people throughout the New Orleans area and throughout the State of Louisiana. The Pellegrin Firm can be reached at 504-405-3245 or via email at info@pellegrinfirm.com.